Flat Fee Contract Reviews: The Easy Way to Understand Business Contracts

If you’ve spent any time online, you’ve likely entered into hundreds of legal contracts without ever understanding what they mean, or what obligations they may involve.

Did you read the full Facebook or Google terms and conditions when signing up for an account? Do you know the types of legal claims you’ve voluntarily agreed to waive? That’s what we thought.

When you’re dealing with things like personal social media accounts, the risks of signing up without reading the full terms are relatively small. More of your personal information may be shared than you expected and your potential claims may be limited, but it’s unlikely that your failure to read the terms will have life-changing consequences.

Unfortunately, if you take the same approach with your business contracts, the consequences could be far worse.

Business contracts are inherently risky.

Does your commercial lease give you the right to renew at the end of the term at a set price? If not, are you willing to accept the risk of having to move to a new location take on higher rent?

Does your service agreement contain restrictions on what you can do after the service term ends? If it does, will these restrictions prevent you from carrying on business without major limitations?

Do you own the intellectual property you’re paying someone to develop as part of a new website or service? If not, are you okay with not having control and being required to pay ongoing licensing fees after the project is over?

Are you waiving potential claims you may have if things go wrong? If so, do you understand the potential risks involved and whether this is normal?

Is your contract even enforceable?

Leaving these questions unanswered is an invitation for problems.

All of these questions could be answered by a lawyer after taking a quick look at your contract and gathering some facts about your situation.

So why don’t more business owners have their contracts reviewed by a lawyer BEFORE they sign them?

The answer is that dealing with a lawyer to review contracts is often seen as too time-consuming and expensive.

Our solution:

What if you could have these questions answered by a lawyer in a quick, convenient and cost-effective way?

Our new legal document review service allows you to do just that. This service allows you to book a contract review with an Alberta business lawyer online for a flat fee.

All you need to do is fill out a short form with information about your contract and business, upload a copy of the document you want to be reviewed, select an appointment time, and pay for your service.

An Alberta business lawyer will review your contract and answer any questions you may have in a quick 30-minute consultation.

The price you’ll pay depends upon the length of the contract you’d like reviewed, so you know what the cost is going to be upfront.

No more hassle. No more uncertainty. Just quick convenient answers to your questions from an experienced Alberta business lawyer. Understand the legal risks hiding in your business contracts before it’s too late.

To learn more about our contract review service, visit this page.